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The Guitar Ninja Academy

Learn to be an original, creative guitar player in the most fun and engaging way possible!

From complete novice to advanced shredder. Learn how the guitar and music work, how to play, write and improvise from scratch. See your progress through courses and upgrades to your customisable avatar.

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Chris Roberts

Absolutely superb website to supplement my one on one lessons…

Zach Ellington

Really great website for learning guitar…

Megan Carr

Awesome site. I highly recommend this…

Julie Tebbutt

 Really engaging and humorous site which encourages learners…

Mike Brinkley

Brilliant teaching site and guitar community…

Academy Features

Learning Tools

  • 150+ video lessons
  • 18.5 hours of tuition
  • Organised courses
  • Level specific playlists
  • Downloadable TAB
  • Scale diagrams
  • Chord graphs
  • Built in metronome
  • Built in tuner
  • Chord minigame
  • Note finder minigame
  • Feedback/comments sections
  • Real life gradings available

Game Motivators

  • Unlock Awards
  • Customisable avatar
  • Earn coins and fans by completing tasks
  • Spend coins on clothing upgrades
  • Spend coins on guitar upgrades
  • Spend coins on pedal and amp upgrades
  • More fans = bigger better stages
  • Add friends
  • Compete with a friends leader-board

“Hey, I’m Rory Price aka The Guitar Ninja. I am obsessed with the freedom and creativity of the guitar. This is why I focus on teaching you how music works, and how the guitar works. While there are a few song and riffs from known artists on this site, this is NOT what I specialise in.”

The Guitar Ninja Academy will give you the tools you need to play guitar in any style you desire, to write your own music, to improvise and to jam along with others. With courses on techniques, understanding and more.

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Includes access to:

  • Customisable character
  • Access to all courses & videos
  • Tuner & Metronome
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  • 16% yearly discount available
  • Monthly plan includes 7 day free cancelation period

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The Guitar Ninja Academy Avatar and Scene

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If you would like to contact The Guitar Ninja please use the details below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can find our package options here.

Phone: 07875656351
e-mail: lessons@theguitarninja.co.uk

Facebook: /TheGuitarNinja
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